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AmsterDayum is for the Girls.

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Working in aviation is a crazy life. Say good-bye to set schedules, holidays and weekends off. But say hello to a job where where every day is different, working and traveling the world with some of your best friends, and the ability to jet off at the drop of a hat.

I know most people approach travel with caution and planning, but every flight attendant knows that last minute travel can be nothing short of amazing.

That my friends, is exactly the way my trip to Amsterdam was.

In true flight attendant style, E and I began planning a last minute trip on our flight home from Prague. Yes, that's right, Emma and I decided we needed to take a trip on the same day we were operating an 8 hour flight back to Toronto from Europe. Did I mention it was a 48 hour trip. No big.

Why? You may ask, well because we can.

We had decided that we needed a trip to let loose and get out of the funk we had been in. We also decided that another friend of ours who had recently broken up with her boyfriend was in need of some serious girl time. It was decided. Girls Trip!!

It all came down to two options, Rome or Amsterdam. I know, tough life we have trying to choose between two spectacular European destinations. We thought for sure we would head for sunny Roma, but the standby gods had other ideas. So off we jetted to Amsterdam, passports in hand with no clue what to do and no place to stay.

When you think Amsterdam, you don't generally think "Girls Trip" but boy were we surprised. The city known for its *cough* greenery, red light district and canals turned out to be just what the doctor ordered.

E, J and I arrived in Amsterdam haggered as hell and slightly drunk. Pro-tip: No sleep + two 8 hour flights in under 24 hours + a few glasses of wine = a few tipsy flight attendants. We then proceeded to try to find a place to ​stay in Amsterdam at the last second. With the price the hostels were that weekend due to the Jazz festival we decided to stay at a hotel close to the airport and just take the train into the city to save some money.

Pro-tip #2: As excellent as the Amsterdam airport is, with a full grocery store and a direct train to the city, the chances of you exiting the bars (slightly less than sober) and finding your way back to the train station, with two others in tow to then take a train and shuttle back to the hotel are slim to none. My advice is to just spend the extra money on accommodation lest you spend it on astronomical uber fares.

Now I would never suggest traveling simply to meet men, but what I can say is that because of the aforementioned highlights (no pun intended) Amsterdam is crawling with men. From bachelor parties, to boys weekends I swear I barely saw another woman the entire time I was there.

What we did discover is that 'going Dutch' did not have a place in Amsterdam's pubs. We drank, we laughed, we danced and we flirted the days away. The whole trip was a much needed ego-boost for us poor Canadian girls and the f*boy culture we have become accustomed to.

Now I'm sure Amsterdam has numerous tourist attractions and historical landmarks that we could have soaked up, but this my friends was a quick trip designed to 'explore the pub culture of Amsterdam' and dayum I can't wait to go back.

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