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Buy Your Wine Before 9

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

I appreciate a glass or two of wine with dinner, a glass of wine in the bath and a bottle or two with friends. I’m by no means a lush but I do love wine. Ok, I really love wine. I’d go as far to say it is the nectar of the gods. I mean, Jesus turned water into wine right? So if it’s good enough for the big guy, it’s good enough for this girl.

Now flash back to my last vacation. B and I were heading back to our airbnb from a lovely dinner in Geneva. We had been out and about all day and we were going to spend a quiet night in, watch some Netflix and go to sleep. Sounds perfect right? Wrong. In Geneva you can purchase alcohol from any convenience store, so we of course assumed that we could sneak in and buy a bottle on the way home rather than carrying it with us. Unfortunately, it is illegal to sell alcohol after 9 p.m. outside of bars and restaurants.

Any normal human would take this at face value, learn the lesson and move on with their life but did I mention how much I love wine? This is the precise moment in which the drama queen starts whining about how tragic this is and wondering how much wine bribery would go for in Switzerland. In case it wasn't clear, I am said drama queen. Cue my knight in shining armour, B, striding into the nearest restaurant and procuring me a gorgeous bottle of red. Now let me tell you that it did not come cheap, but apparently I’m worth it, or more accurately silence was.

Now that I have dazzled you with my penchant for whining over alcohol and exasperating B, it leads me to a few life hacks for travelling in Geneva:

Buy your wine before 9. This extends to whatever alcohol you enjoy, but let's not mess with a perfect rhyme.

Carry Kleenex with you at all times. Aside from just being an excellent travel practice they come in extraordinarily handy when forced to use a public restroom. Think squat and drip dry! The Geneva public washrooms don’t have toilet paper or toilet seats. It’s like camping…in the city.

Wander. We found some of the most beautiful spots in Geneva just by wandering around and taking round about routes to get to landmarks. One of my favourite memories from this trip is playing chess in le Parc des Bastions with an elderly Swiss man, who did not speak a lick of English, as a coach.

Skip the rental. If you are staying within Geneva for a couple days don’t bother with a rental car until you are ready to leave. Geneva is extremely walkable. Transit from the airport to central Geneva was easy and we walked everywhere. The city is beautiful and we found many hidden gems we would have missed in a car. Trust me, parking is a nightmare anyway.

Despite what you may think, you do not need to order raclette and fondue in one sitting. Ok, maybe this one was just me. It was a lot of cheese and it was delicious, but it was absurd and between the two of us we barely made a dent.

Red Cross Museum. The face of pure enthusiasm.

Skip the Red Cross Museum and the Patek Phillipe Museum.

This may seem blasphemous since both are presented as centerpieces of Geneva, but just save yourself the time and money. B and I love museums, but both of these were dull to say the least.

The Red Cross museum had some interesting human rights related stories but the audio tracks never seemed to work properly. I also think we were expecting more artifacts and examples of the Red Cross over the years rather than a collection of interactive stories and symbolic pieces.

The Patek Phillipe museum was another let down; we expected to see more about the intricacies of making the Swiss watch, when we were more so presented with a lot of watches and documents.

Say yes to steak. Geneva is famously absurdly expensive but relative to the costs of everything else, the steak is fairly conservative. It also is freaking amazing, I don’t eat a ton of red meat but this was phenomenal.

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