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Oh, the places you'll go!

Finally the blog is here. After 3.5 years I have finally put pen to paper (or text to screen) and begun my very own travel blog.

Since the purpose of this blog is to share my travels with you, here is a list of the countries I've had the pleasure to explore as of yet.

Australia Ireland Switzerland

Austria Italy Thailand

Colombia Jamaica USA

Croatia Mexico Vatican City

Cuba Netherlands

Czech Republic Peru

England Philippines

France Poland

Germany Portugal

Greece Scotland

Hong Kong (China) Slovenia

Hungary Spain

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20-something travel junkie, coffee addict, bookworm, shopaholic, water baby, beach bum and thrill-seeker.

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  1. I’m a flight attendant. This blog is the result of a desire to share my adventures with the world. I have so many opportunities that I am so grateful for. I always wanted to travel and didn’t think I would ever be able to do it. I found this career path and now it’s my job.

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